Mens Sterling Silver Bracelets UK

Are you looking for a gift for a loved one? Perhaps you want to treat yourself? After all, everyone deserves some retail therapy now and again! If you are looking for a sterling silver bracelet, you may be interested in knowing about the different types of mens sterling silver bracelets UK wide. Below, we take a look at some of the most popular options in further detail.

Let’s begin with the standard sterling silver cable chain. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of sterling silver jewellery for men. This is the standard bracelet choice that most men go for when buying their first piece of jewellery. You can’t go wrong with this option, and you do have a good range of cable chain bracelets available, differing in terms of thickness and cable size. Some bracelets feature two different types of cable, which is an interesting take on a classic trend.

Another classic and undeniably stylish option when it comes to mens sterling silver bracelets is the Figaro bracelet. This distinct bracelet is instantly recognisable, featuring three smaller connected links, which are joined by a larger, oval link. If the person in question does not wear a lot of jewellery, this is a good place to start.

You may also want to consider a bracelet that combines sterling silver with another material. For example, leather and silver bracelets are very popular. There are many different options you can go for. One of the most popular is a twisted leather bracelet with a sterling silver chain. You can also get leather bracelets that have a silver clasp and some form of silver adornment, such as a pendant.

If you are really looking to make an impression, why not look for mens sterling silver bracelets UK wide incorporating diamonds? Such bracelets are great for men who like to make an impact and are looking for the wow factor.

Mens Sterling Silver Chain

There is no denying that most weddings tend to focus on the bride. It is her day. However, it is important that the groom feels special too. This is why a lot of women present their partners with a gift on the morning of their wedding. One of the best gifts is a mens sterling silver chain. Discover more below.

Choosing a gift can be difficult, however, sterling silver jewellery never fails. A lot of women go down the route of purchasing a photo collage of special moments shared, or another type of gift for the home. While these presents are thoughtful, they are gifts that are shared. Instead, you should look for something that is just for your man. Remember, the whole point is to make him feel just as special as you do. This is why a sterling silver chain is a good idea.

Mens sterling silver bracelets and chains are classic and stylish. They boast a sleek and sophisticated appearance, which never fails. We will never see the day where silver chains and bracelets go out of fashion. It is also something that your partner will be able to wear on the special day. If you purchase a long chain, he can always have it tucked under his shirt during the ceremony, and then it can be on show afterwards while you are all having fun and enjoying yourself. It all depends on the style you are going to go for, and the type of thing that your partner likes to wear.

All in all, a wedding is special as it is, but with all eyes on the bride it is nice to treat your partner to something to let them know how special they are. There are many different gift ideas to ponder over, but something you should definitely consider is a mens sterling silver chain. This is the type of gift that never fails.

Sterling Silver Chain UK

Are you looking to upgrade your collection of jewellery? Maybe you are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one? No matter what applies, you can’t go wrong with a sterling silver chain. This is the number one jewellery piece that every man should own. With that being said, read on to discover everything you need to consider when looking for the best sterling silver chain UK based.

Before you even begin to consider different styles of chains, you need to make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer. Unfortunately, there are a number of companies that attempt to pass off silver plated jewellery as sterling silver, as well as other variations of jewellery. You don’t want to end up purchasing from one of these businesses. Instead, choose a company with plenty of experience and a good reputation in the industry to back it up.

Once you have found a good place to purchase sterling silver jewellery from, the next step is to consider what type of chain to go for. All chains have different link designs, including the likes of Snake, Rope, Cable, Bead, Byzantine, and Venetian. This, of course, all depends on your own personal style. The length of the chain is also important, with the main options being 45 cm, between 50 and 55 cm, and 60 cm. Think about the style of shirts and tops you usually wear, as you need to consider where the chain is going to lie.

Needless to say, price is a crucial factor to consider when making any purchase, and a sterling silver chain UK based is no exception to the rule. Nevertheless, you should never simply look for the cheapest chain you can find. If you do this, you are pretty much certain to suffer at the hands of a lack of quality. Seek value and a fair price, but don’t go for anything that seems too good to be true.

Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet 925

When buying any type of sterling silver jewellery, it is important to shop with care. After all, not only does sterling silver look striking, but also it can become more and more valuable as time passes by. One way to make sure this is the case is to purchase a sterling silver mens bracelet 925. However, you will need to be mindful of any fakes. Read on to discover more about this type of sterling silver.

So, what are mens sterling silver bracelets 925? ‘925’ refers to the fact these bracelets are made from 92.5 per cent pure silver. The remaining 7.5 per cent is made of a type of alloy, in most cases this will be cooper. This is a lot different to silver plated jewellery. This is when a type of alloy or metal is used, and then a layer of silver is placed over the top. The problem with silver plated jewellery is that it can tarnish easily and be scraped off.

When purchasing a 925 sterling silver chain or bracelet, it is important to ensure you end up with the real deal, as there are a lot of fakes on the market. The first thing you need to do is make sure you purchase from a reputable company. Assess their website thoroughly, make sure they have a considerable amount of experience, and read reviews that have been left by past clients. If you come across a considerable number of bad comments, you should be very wary.

There are also some tests you can carry out once you have the sterling silver mens bracelet 925 to make sure that it is not a fake piece of jewellery. One of the easiest tests to do involves a magnet. If you place your bracelet near to a magnet and it is attracted to it, it is not sterling silver. Sterling silver is non-ferrous and should not react to the magnet.

 Sterling Silver Bracelets For Men

Sterling silver bracelets for men have somewhat of a timeless status. This is a piece of jewellery that most men own, and more often than not they have spent quite a bit of money on their loved bracelet, or it has been a special gift from someone close to them. Thus, it is vital that mens sterling silver bracelets are cared for properly. Below, we will reveal some of the common care mistakes that you need to avoid.

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is storing their silver bracelet with the rest of their jewellery and watches. If everything is kept in the same box, it is going to scratch. The best thing to do is keep your special items separate. Your sterling silver bracelet should have its own box or jewellery bag.

You also need to avoid wearing your sterling silver jewellery when you are engaging in any activities that mean you will be exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. A lot of people make the mistake of keeping their jewellery on while they are exercising, doing the dishes, or showering. It can be annoying to have to remove your jewellery all of the time, but it is vital if you are to maintain the quality of your bracelet.

Many people make errors when it comes to the cleaning products and equipment they use to clean their silver jewellery. One thing you should never use is steel wool, irrespective of how tarnished your bracelet is. You also need to stay away from acetone, ammonia, and undiluted bleach. You can use silver polishing products, of course, but don’t use metal polishing products. You should also avoid any detergents that have chloride in them.

Finally, make sure you are gentle when scrubbing your silver otherwise you can scratch it. Also, you should never use standard wax to coat sterling silver bracelets for men. If necessary, use clear lacquer or microcrystalline wax, but always consult with an expert first.

In an industrial context, chains are used to pull, tug, suspend and support. However as well as being functional creations, they’re also a key element in contemporary jewellery crafting. So how are chains used to fashion beautiful style statements?

Chains in all shapes and sizes

In a jewellery context, chains are absolutely not limited to a single style. On the contrary, they come in a kaleidoscope of different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. For example, a woman may prefer to string a delicate pendant onto a wafer thin chain. Alternatively, a gent may choose to wear a sterling silver men’s chain that’s crafted with bigger links. This creates a chunkier and more masculine look.

Showing off other elements

As well as being worn by themselves, chains are also a wonderful way to show off existing jewellery. As long as they’re the right size, chains can be used to suspend pendants, sterling silver charms and more.

Beyond necklaces and bracelets

While chains are traditionally used to create necklaces and bracelets, they also look stunning when strung from the ears. The linked look creates a beautifully dazzling effect, particularly when the chains are crafted from Italian sourced sterling silver.  These Sterling Silver Chain Drop Earrings are a show stopping example of just how much of an impact chain earrings can make.

Teamed with other elements

Chains are stunning by themselves, but they can also be dressed up by weaving in other elements. From precious gemstones to pearls, chains can be transformed into gorgeous statement pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads.

For the gents

Gone are the days when jewellery was limited to female wardrobes. Today, sterling silver men’s chains are a serious style statement. Finished such as jet black ruthenium plating create a bold, masculine aesthetic that can be teamed with any attire, from office suave to weekend casual. Men can rock both chain bracelets and necklaces, as long as they’re purchased from a collection designed exclusively for males.

As explored, chains are an incredibly diverse jewellery tool. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to an exquisite chain that they can wear with any outfit, start exploring the brand new range of Think Positive concept jewellery today. Sterling silver chains make a weighty appearance in both the men’s and women’s collections, all crafted with the finest quality, Italian sourced precious metal.

Today, chains are little more than a given in everyday life. We wear them as jewellery, we use them to suspend light bulbs, we encounter them as railings and more. But where did they come from? And what is their meaning? As a deeply philosophical jeweller, Antonio Marsocci has nursed an eternal fascination with chains. If you too are curious, read on as we explore what it is that makes chains so special. 

Links to the Stone Age

According to experts, chain necklaces and bracelets can be traced as far back as the Stone Age. Originally, the artisans of bygone times created the decorative links out of stones, shells, bones, claws, teeth and anything else they could find. As the ‘links’ were sometimes talismans or trophies, prehistoric societies often wore chains as a sign of power. For example, if a warrior chief had a chain of bear claws, it symbolised that he was strong, powerful and capable of slaying the ferocious animals.

The spiritual connection

Spiritually, chains represent enduring strength and stability. The chain is associated with steadfast durability, which made it the adornment of choice for leaders in high positions. The physical and metaphorical strength of chains also saw the style emerge as a symbol of religion and faith for those wanting to convey their dedication to higher beings.

The golden revolution

In 2500 BC, gold made its first appearance as a material for chain jewellery. As well as solid gold chains, artisans started to experiment with beads, gemstones and other contrasting metals such as copper and silver.

The ancient Egyptians played an integral role in elevating chain jewellery to the next level, pioneering the intricate 10k and 14k designs worn by royalty. In fact, they loved chain jewellery so much that they even insisted on being buried in it after they died. The Classical Greek period also saw chains evolve, with the introduction of 3D pendants and lavish designs. 

“For me, chains are so much more than simply a handful of links joined together to create a single entity. They represent strength, power and faith, which is why I favour them so much when designing Think Positive collections,” explains Marsocci.

From ancient status statements to modern jewellery staples, chains have drastically evolved over the years. To wear your very own slice of history, why not start browsing our stunning collection of sterling silver chains for men and women?



If there’s one thing that Think Positive isn’t, it’s a run of the mill jewellery brand. Yes, it does retail exquisite sterling silver jewellery, but creator Antonio Marsocci has steeped his creations in so much more than simply aesthetic value.
As far as Marsocci is concerned, chain jewellery represents the flow of life, and the concept that all events are linked to one another. For him, the linking of circular elements into a single, flowing chain is an incredibly powerful metaphor. Depending on the style of chain, links can be closely knitted together, or spaced far apart for a more open look. Both styles reflect the same concept of connectivity, with Marsocci cementing every link with his enduring sense of optimism.
The power of sterling silver
As always, Think Positive chains are crafted with Italian sourced sterling silver. For Marsocci, this is an essential part of ingraining his chains with inner strength and stability. As one of the most durable metals on the planet, sterling silver is the perfect way for Marsocci to ensure that every piece brings wearers power and potency. When worn, a Think Positive sterling silver chain exists to remind wearers that every meaningful event leads to another, equally as positive experience.
“Sterling silver has always been associated with strength and durability. I love this concept, which is why I work exclusively with the precious metal. As a natural element it embodies the underlying essence of the Think Positive mentality, and helps me ensure that every piece is borne from a resilient mind set,” explains Marsocci.
Wearing positivity
From an aesthetic point of view, Marsocci’s choice to exclusively craft his pieces with sterling silver ensures a deep sense of quality and luxury. Sterling silver men’s chains are available as both bracelets or necklaces, in a huge range of styles. There’s something for every taste, from the modern city slicker to the family man dad. For gents wanting to make a statement without the trademark sterling silver gleam, the all new Men’s Sterling Silver Black Bracelet is a bold choice. Plated with ultra-robust ruthenium, the piece emits a high-tech jet black look that’s diamond hard and resistant to scratches. As a subtle yet strong piece, there’s no need to ever take it off. This means gents can make a ‘think positive’ statement, regardless of whether they’re at the office, on holiday or beyond.
Wedding season is on the horizon, which means that anniversary celebrations are also looming. For wives, finding the perfect anniversary gift can often turn into a throbbing headache. Lucky for you, we’ve got anniversaries all wrapped up with a guide to gent friendly gifts that the hubby is sure to love.
Sterling silver jewellery
For wives that want to treat their husbands to a truly sentimental gift that’s both practical and stylish, sterling silver jewellery is always guaranteed to deliver. Italian born designer Antonio Marsocci has something for every taste, from casual everyday wear to sleek and stylish dress pieces. At Think Positive, ladies can shop a huge range of stunning sterling silver chains and bracelets for men. All made with an inherent sense of positivity and optimism that shines through in every piece.  All are handcrafted in Italy for a superior finish. If you’re really stuck for inspiration and just can’t decide, why not think about getting a gift card? Then your husband can choose something that he’s guaranteed to wear.
An experience
What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with an experience that your special man will never forget. There are so many options out there to suite every interest. If your guy has a need for speed, why not buy him an adrenalin pumping day at the race track? For more romantic types, catered picnics are always a hit (plus you’ll get to enjoy the day too!). Hot air balloon rides are always an extravagant way to celebrate wedding anniversaries, while cooking lessons, clay pigeon shooting days and go karting are failsafe hits. The key is to think about your man’s personality, and choose an experience accordingly.
Something from the heart
Money can buy fantastic anniversary gifts, however you don’t have to spend a fortune to let your man know that you’re still head over heels. There are plenty of ways you can mark the occasion that come straight from the heart. For example, a keepsake photo book of your life together and personalised voucher books for massages/date nights etc. are sweet and budget friendly. One of our personal favourites is a jar filled with little notes that mention all the different reasons you love him. Put it by his desk and get him to open one every day for a reminder that you’re together forever.
Happy anniversary to all you loved up couples out there! Whether you’re marking one year or twenty, celebrations are always in order.

With the New Year it comes the promise of brand new trends that are set to shake up red carpets, from Hollywood to London, and beyond. For gents that want to stay up to the minute, we’ve put together a guide to channeling celebrity style in 2016. Read on for an overview of the hottest trends that are currently being sported, as well as some predictions that are sure to make an appearance in 2016.  

Sterling silver chains

Accessories aren’t just for the ladies. In 2015 we’ve seen an increasing number of Hollywood hunks rocking ‘man jewellery’ that adds an extra element of cool to their outfits. Sterling silver chains for men are rapidly gaining popularity, with celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling stepping out in subtle pieces. Think Positive has a stylish range of sterling silver men’s chains that will take wearers from the office to the weekend with ease. For those that prefer a chunkier look (a la British Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton) Think Positive also stocks heavier sterling silver chains for men with a little more grunt. 

Flashback to the 50s

Vintage has been a popular choice over the past few years, and in 2016 the spotlight will be shining on the 1950s. Think bomber jackets, retro style shirts and dark wayfarers. The latest collections from high profile designers such as Raf Simons and Louis Vuitton are already channelling the 50s look, and the high street is set to follow suit!

Shorter shorts

It’s becoming increasingly acceptable for gents to sport higher and higher hemlines. Forget baggy pants that hang below the knees. In 2016 summer fashion will be all about shorts that are shorter and more tailored than ever. Prada and Gucci are pioneering the trend, with collections in an array of colours, prints and materials - perfect for casual summer days.

On-trend tresses

Complementing 50s attire will be the revival of 50s style hairdos, with the slicked back look on-track to become hugely popular. Modernised side parts have been spotted on catwalk models for Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Oliver Spencer, Ermenegildo Zegna, Burberry and Prorsum. Textured pompadours will be all the rage in 2016, with short sides and voluminous top layers making for a preppy look.


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