A Charmed Life

January 10, 2016

Every year the world of fashion is inundated with new trends. Some stay, some go and some cement themselves as eternally stylish accessories that never go out of vogue. Charm bracelets fall into the latter category, with the elegant trinkets winning over teenage girls and elegant adults alike.

In 2016, Think Positive is showcasing a stunning range of sterling silver charms created by Antonio Marsocci, renowned Italian jeweller and inspirational life coach. He believes that optimism and positivity are the keys to living a happier, healthier life. His jewellery is a testament to this philosophy, with every piece created with love and sanguinity.

“Symbolizing the characteristics and inspiration that defines us, these sterling silver charms combine together to create a positive frame of mind that is uniquely yours,” says Marsocci.


The perfect way to ring in the New Year

For many ladies, 2016 will mark the beginning of New Year’s resolutions to take a more positive approach to everyday life.  Changing behaviour can be incredibly hard, which is why talismans and wearable reminders are always a fantastic complement to any ambition. The Think Positive charms range features a gorgeous collection of charms that are designed to remind wearers that a little optimism goes a long way. Charms such as ‘Dream’ and ‘Hope’ will dangle beautifully off the wrist, while simultaneously reminding ladies that dreams and hopes should always be indulged.


A thoughtful gift

From daughters to grandmothers, sterling silver charms are a lovely way to say ‘I love you’ to that special someone. Bracelet and multi-charm sets are wonderful for those wanting to wrap up something extravagant. For those on tighter budgets, single sterling silver charms can be added to existing bracelets, or worn as a necklace.


On-trend accessories

If you’re simply looking to augment your accessories collection in 2016, charm bracelets are an on-trend option. They’ve been seen on the hottest celebrities, with A-listers such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Kate Middleton all sporting the pretty bracelets. While the high street is chock-a-block with cheap imitations, ladies in search of Hollywood worthy luxury should opt for premium quality sterling silver charms handcrafted in Italy. Think Positive has a beautiful range, all imagined by head designer Antonio Marsocci.


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