More Than Just a Necklace… The Meaning Behind Think Positive Chain Jewellery

More Than Just a Necklace… The Meaning Behind Think Positive Chain Jewellery

March 05, 2016

If there’s one thing that Think Positive isn’t, it’s a run of the mill jewellery brand. Yes, it does retail exquisite sterling silver jewellery, but creator Antonio Marsocci has steeped his creations in so much more than simply aesthetic value.
As far as Marsocci is concerned, chain jewellery represents the flow of life, and the concept that all events are linked to one another. For him, the linking of circular elements into a single, flowing chain is an incredibly powerful metaphor. Depending on the style of chain, links can be closely knitted together, or spaced far apart for a more open look. Both styles reflect the same concept of connectivity, with Marsocci cementing every link with his enduring sense of optimism.
The power of sterling silver
As always, Think Positive chains are crafted with Italian sourced sterling silver. For Marsocci, this is an essential part of ingraining his chains with inner strength and stability. As one of the most durable metals on the planet, sterling silver is the perfect way for Marsocci to ensure that every piece brings wearers power and potency. When worn, a Think Positive sterling silver chain exists to remind wearers that every meaningful event leads to another, equally as positive experience.
“Sterling silver has always been associated with strength and durability. I love this concept, which is why I work exclusively with the precious metal. As a natural element it embodies the underlying essence of the Think Positive mentality, and helps me ensure that every piece is borne from a resilient mind set,” explains Marsocci.
Wearing positivity
From an aesthetic point of view, Marsocci’s choice to exclusively craft his pieces with sterling silver ensures a deep sense of quality and luxury. Sterling silver men’s chains are available as both bracelets or necklaces, in a huge range of styles. There’s something for every taste, from the modern city slicker to the family man dad. For gents wanting to make a statement without the trademark sterling silver gleam, the all new Men’s Sterling Silver Black Bracelet is a bold choice. Plated with ultra-robust ruthenium, the piece emits a high-tech jet black look that’s diamond hard and resistant to scratches. As a subtle yet strong piece, there’s no need to ever take it off. This means gents can make a ‘think positive’ statement, regardless of whether they’re at the office, on holiday or beyond.

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