Boy with brain tumor embrace the Think Positive bracelet.

March 13, 2012

Boy with brain tumor embrace the Think Positive silver bracelet.

Antonio Marsocci, owner of the Think Positive brand, was so inspired by seven-year-old Mason Fountain’s positive attitude in the face of a life-threatening disease that he wanted them to work together.

Despite his devastating diagnosis and gruelling treatment, Mason has dedicated himself to developing a successful fundraising group called Mason’s Magic that supports the work of Brain Tumour UK to help other children with brain tumours.

The Think Positive sterling silver bracelet created by Marsocci marks the beginning of a partnership between Think Positive and Mason’s Magic to support the work of Brain Tumour UK.

 “Once I heard Mason’s story and his mission to make as many children as possible smile, spreading his message of positivity and hope, there was no doubt that I wanted to embrace Mason’s vision and Brain Tumour UK’s work with my positive thinking philosophy and fundraising support,” says Antonio.


Every month a new charm will be released for the bracelet. The first charm carries Antonio and Mason’s shared message: “Think Positive”. 


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