The story behind Think Positive jewellery

May 19, 2014


If you’ve been searching for sterling silver jewellery that really means something, look no further than the exquisite range available from Think Positive. Established by celebrated life coach and lifelong fashion aficionado Antonio Marsocci, the brand was borne from a desire to bring together his two passions in order to inspire people to adopt a positive thinking philosophy with the potential to change lives. Unlike many conventional high street jewellery brands on the market, Think Positive has a motivational and meaningful story that Marsocci want to share with the world!

In his quest to bring hope and happiness to the world as a legendary life and business coach, Marsocci realised that everyday items such as jewellery would serve as the perfect reminder.  He truly believes that the beautiful pieces act as a constant memento to ‘think positive’ and can be interpreted not just as pieces of jewellery but also as talismans for the wearers declaration of intent for assuming a positive approach to everyday living.
The gorgeous range includes a selection of Italian-made sterling silver charms, sterling silver jewellery bracelets, sterling silver jewellery necklaces, sterling silver jewellery earrings and sterling silver cufflinks that are all designed with the fundamental goal of instilling a sense of optimism and positivity in the wearers day-to-day attitude.
Marsocci is certain that anyone can achieve a positive state of mind and is committed to helping people across the globe reach their potential through changing their outlook on life. The unique and inspiring jewellery range helps achieve just this, Marsocci explaining “just wearing Think Positive sterling silver jewellery is a constant reminder of your new outlook on life.”  
The focus on sterling silver jewellery comes from Marsocci’s partiality towards the precious metal’s pure, simple and beautiful form that only gains beauty as it grows older. Feeling this was the perfect accompaniment to his ‘think positive’ message, Marsocci works exclusively with sterling silver to create radiant and resplendent jewellery items.
Through the establishment of the unique and meaningful Think Positive brand, Marsocci hopes to guide people on the journey to positive thinking and the adoption of life changing outlooks. The passionate positivity advocate calls for everyone to join him on his journey, beckoning for jewellery lovers to “be with me and be part of the Think Positive world. It is time to make optimism an everyday reality." 
If you want to join Marsocci on his incredible ‘think positive’ journey, head over to the online store and start browsing the stunning sterling silver jewellery online collection today! They make perfect gift ideas for men and women and are guaranteed to delight recipients of all ages.



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