Why Silver Is Made In Italy

July 02, 2014

If you’ve been researching sterling silver jewellery, it’s likely you’ve come across many websites, blog posts and experts singing the praises of Italian silver and discussing its many merits at length. To help you understand what all the fuss is about, we’ve put together a useful guide to explain just what makes this silver so special and why it’s worth going the extra mile to seek out silver made in Italy when choosing jewellery or other keepsakes.


A history of superior quality

Since the early 1870s, Italian made sterling silver has occupied a lofty and highly coveted spot in the jewellery making arena. The superior standards this premium material is known for began with the conquest of Rome and the establishment of Regno d'Italia, which translates to the Kingdom of Italy. Under this new unified kingdom, a law was passed that introduced a thorough inspection and nationwide hallmarking of all silver artefacts.  This was designed to maintain quality and is a value that has carried through to the modern day silver industry. For this reason, Italian silver is famous for being of the highest standards and quality, leaving it much in demand when it comes to the design of treasures such as bracelets, pendants and necklaces.


Up-to-the-minute designs

Another celebrated feature of Italian silver is the fact that Italian made pieces boast superior craftsmanship and stunning design. As a country famed for its fashion industry, it comes as no surprise that Italian made silver jewellery is instantly associated with sublime style and effortless elegance.  


Italian silver jewellery is also renowned for being hand crafted in small batches, which adds to its desirability. From chic cosmopolitan boutiques to highly skilled street vendors, Italian made silver jewellery is incredibly unique. For those that value ultra-stylish design, it is a widely known fact that Italian craftsmanship simply cannot be rivalled.


Made in Italy?

So how can you tell if an item is genuinely crafted from Italian silver? Checking the hallmark is a fool proof method as all authentic Italian jewellery should be engraved with the word ‘Italy’ as well as a number indicating its minimum millesimal fineness. In Italy, this will be either .800 or .925 which indicate an 80% and 92.5% respective silver mass. In general, 925 is the most popular alloy as it is durable yet still retains its brilliant silver sheen.


Whether you’re purchasing silver charms, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings or cufflinks, you can rest assured that if it’s made in Italy, it is going to be of the highest possible quality!


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