What is the beauty of sterling silver?

August 02, 2014

Sterling silver is used by jewellery artisans across the globe; the precious metal is renowned for its strength, durability and beautiful resplendent sheen. But what makes sterling silver so incredibly special? Let’s take a look…
A rich history
Pure silver can be traced back to the primitive age, however the concept of ‘sterling silver’ originated in 12th century England. As silver became an increasingly popular precious metal, governments began to introduce hallmarks as a way of indicating purity and origin. These are still in existence today and vary from country to country.  While sterling silver jewellery is more accessible in today’s modern society, it has long been associated with beauty, indulgence and luxury. This gives it a timeless historical charm and value that still resonates today.
While silver in its pure form is very soft and prone to scratches, sterling silver includes an additional metal alloy which gives the precious metal enhanced strength and durability. Common alloys include copper, zinc, platinum and germanium. Millesimal finesse varies however the most popular combination is .925 sterling silver with a copper alloy. This indicates a 92.5% pure silver make up, blended with a 7.5% copper alloy. While the percentages have varied over the years, 7.5% has been identified as the optimal amount of copper needed to give the pure silver added strength without affecting its magnificent shine. 
Unique styles and textures
One of the most fabulous features of silver is that it can be crafted into a range of unique styles and textures. Smooth silver is by far the most popular look however for those that prefer something a little different, hammered silver, brushed silver, mesh silver and diamond cut designs are also on-trend.  
Intricate designs
Thanks to the addition of a metal alloy, sterling silver can be crafted into exquisitely intricate designs. At the end of the day, it is the quality of craftsmanship that determines the overall value of a piece of sterling silver jewellery. The Italians are world famous for their exceptional craftsmanship, with contemporary artisans drawing on centuries of traditions and techniques to craft wonderfully unique items.   
Thanks to its timeless beautiful silver sheen, sterling silver has managed to effortlessly keep up with fashion trends throughout the ages. From medieval pendants to contemporary engagement rings, sterling silver lends itself to the evolving fashion looks of every decade.
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