Sterling Silver Bracelets For Men – Common Mistakes Made When Caring For Sterling Silver

June 06, 2016

 Sterling Silver Bracelets For Men

Sterling silver bracelets for men have somewhat of a timeless status. This is a piece of jewellery that most men own, and more often than not they have spent quite a bit of money on their loved bracelet, or it has been a special gift from someone close to them. Thus, it is vital that mens sterling silver bracelets are cared for properly. Below, we will reveal some of the common care mistakes that you need to avoid.

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is storing their silver bracelet with the rest of their jewellery and watches. If everything is kept in the same box, it is going to scratch. The best thing to do is keep your special items separate. Your sterling silver bracelet should have its own box or jewellery bag.

You also need to avoid wearing your sterling silver jewellery when you are engaging in any activities that mean you will be exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. A lot of people make the mistake of keeping their jewellery on while they are exercising, doing the dishes, or showering. It can be annoying to have to remove your jewellery all of the time, but it is vital if you are to maintain the quality of your bracelet.

Many people make errors when it comes to the cleaning products and equipment they use to clean their silver jewellery. One thing you should never use is steel wool, irrespective of how tarnished your bracelet is. You also need to stay away from acetone, ammonia, and undiluted bleach. You can use silver polishing products, of course, but don’t use metal polishing products. You should also avoid any detergents that have chloride in them.

Finally, make sure you are gentle when scrubbing your silver otherwise you can scratch it. Also, you should never use standard wax to coat sterling silver bracelets for men. If necessary, use clear lacquer or microcrystalline wax, but always consult with an expert first.

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