Matching Males to Man Jewellery

October 06, 2015

Across the globe gents are developing a growing appreciation for the art of accessorising. From the streets of New York City and the lanes of London to Bondi Beach and the boulevards of Paris, it’s not just women that are rocking rings, bracelets, necklaces and other eye catching accessories. Just like their female counterparts every man is different and will prefer to flaunt a certain style of attire. To help you pick out the perfect jewellery for your gent we’ve put together a guide designed to help you match your man to our jewellery.


Down to earth

If the man in your life is a chilled out, down to earth kind of guy that values experiences, family and integrity, look for jewellery featuring natural elements. This Black Leather Bracelet is chunky enough to retain a serious sense of masculinity while the leather braiding gives it a super casual aesthetic.


The high flyer

Career oriented gents love to deck out their fashion inventories with pieces that they can rock at the office, the work lunch, the conference and beyond. Look for pieces that are subtle yet luxurious. Simple is generally better to ensure that they can wear it with any suit. With their unique thatch style design and resplendent sheen we love these Sterling Silver Oval Cufflinks.


The family man

For dads that can’t get enough of their duties, jewellery should be practical and robust with an on-trend edge. From playing with the kids, cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, fixing the pipes and packing for that family camping trip, pieces such as the Men Sterling Silver Bracelet are ideal. The high tech ruthenium plating is ultra-modern and highly resistant to scratches which means it’ll retain its enduring beauty. 


The trend setter

Over the past few years male fashion has undergone a serious revolution. Hipster hats, well-groomed beards, artistic tattoos and fashionable sterling silver jewellery have all become commonplace on the streets of the world’s most stylish cities. For men that follow the latest vogues the Silver Necklace with Handcuffs and Plaque is a great gift. It’s unique and casual which makes it ideal for pairing with everyday street attire.


When it comes to buying male jewellery quality is key. Rather than settle for something cheap that’s going to last a matter of weeks, invest in superior sterling silver items handcrafted in Italy for that chic European edge.


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