Men that Rock

November 01, 2015

Over the past decade there’s been a notable shift in male attitudes towards jewellery. While in the past contemporary gents were wary to adorn themselves with much more than a simple bracelet, necklace or ring, today’s modern males are continually thinking outside the style box. And it’s largely thanks to global fashion icons and celebrities that aren’t afraid to flaunt a little man bling. To celebrate the revolution we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite trend setters, and how you can channel their looks.
David Beckham
Sleek, suave and utterly sexy, David Beckham is one of the world’s biggest male fashionistas. What we love about him most is that even when he’s booting the ball around on the field he never lets standards slip. As he’s continually attending high profile events with the lovely Victoria (aka Posh Spice) he has a fantastic collection of bling that’s dressy but not too OTT. With its dual detail this Sterling Silver Double Chain Bracelet is just the kind of thing that David would rock.
Johnny Depp
When he shot to fame as Jack Sparrow in the first Pirates of the Caribbean flick no one could have predicted just how much of a heartthrob Mr Depp would become. He’s retained his boho style throughout his career, favouring natural elements when picking out his accessories. For a gypsy aesthetic with a luxurious twist the Man Luck Brown Leather Sterling Silver Bracelet would have Johnny swooning.
Harry Styles
The younger demographic is also on the jewellery bandwagon, with up and coming stars like Harry Styles at the forefront of the pack. He loves to rock multiple necklaces at a time, layering up lengths to create a cool and casual look. This Necklace with Military Nameplate Pendant would definitely catch his attention.
George Clooney
The ultimate silver haired trend setter, George Clooney has been making hearts flutter for decades. Given all the black tie events he’s invited to (think the Oscars for starters) his cufflink inventory is off the wall. With their shiny black face and respondent grey casing, these Silver and Black Onyx Round Cufflinks would be right up his alley.
Whether you want to take inspiration from the pack to recreate these on-trend looks, or come up with your very own edge, Think Positive has something that’s guaranteed to up your style ante. Every piece is crafted with the finest quality Italian sterling silver and entrenched with Antonio Marsocci’s signature optimism.

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