Mens Silver Bracelets Sterling Silver - What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Silver Jewellery?

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is breathtaking in its appearance when you first receive it, but household cleaning and bodycare products make mens silver bracelets sterling silver appear dirty and tarnished. This is why you need to have an effective method of cleaning sterling silver in place. Read on to discover more.

You can always bring back the shine to your mens sterling silver bracelets, and you only require a couple of basic household things. Begin by completely drying the bathroom sink and put the jewellery to be cleaned in the bottom. Obviously, ensure you have put the plug in the sink first! Combine equal amounts of tap water and toothpaste in a plastic bowl; about two tablespoons for both ingredients should be adequate. Utilising a clean cloth, pick up a pea-sized amount of the mixture and rub it lightly onto the sterling silver jewellery. Leave the mix on the bracelet for about a minute. Rinse the concoction away and dry completely using another clean cloth. Ensure that every link in the chain of the bracelet is totally dry before you store them in a moisture free environment. If your jewellery is a mixture of sterling silver and other metals or gemstones, make sure you don’t get the cleaning mixture on the other materials. There are an entire host of sterling silver cleaners available that may help you if you're still uncertain about cleaning your jewellery yourself, though you'll, obviously, have to pay for this service.

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