Sterling Silver Bracelet Chain – The History Of This Precious Metal

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Every single thing has a history, and the sterling silver bracelet chain that you adore is not exempted from this. There have been many uses of silver over the years, from protective charms to medicine bases, but it's Native American jewellery that plays an important part in the accessories you wear now.

The silversmith‘s craft was introduced by Spanish settlers to Native Americans in the early 1800's and shortly became part of the tradition. A few of the most recognisable bits of sterling silver jewellery produced, even now, by Native Americans comprise of opal, turquoise, coral, lapis, and mother-of-pearl. Tribes differ in their jewellery designs; with the Navajo being the most successful silversmiths while the Xuni excelled in inlay and channel work. The jewellery produced by the tribes was likely to have started life as something different, and the finished product was determined by the grade and type of silver that was used. For example, an early sterling silver chain made by a Native American was likely to have started life as a US coin. Other things used were the likes of melted candlesticks and teapots that would have been traded with rangers as well as other settlers. Mexican coins were additionally used, as they could be easily made into intricate little pieces since they were quite thin in the first place.

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