Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet – A Unique History

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Everything has a history and the sterling silver chain bracelet that you love is no exception. Silver has had many uses in the past, from medicine bases to protective charms, but it is Native American Jewellery that plays a significant part in the accessories you wear today.

The art of the silversmith was first taught to Native Americans by Spanish settlers in the early 1800’s and soon became part of their tradition. Some of the most recognisable pieces of sterling silver jewellery made, even today, by Native Americans contain turquoise, opal, lapis, coral and mother of pearl. Jewellery design would differ between tribes with the Navajo being recognised as the best silversmiths and the Xuni as the most accomplished at inlay and channel work. The jewellery made by the tribes was likely to have started life as something else, and the finished piece would be dependent on the type and grade of silver that had been used. For instance, an early sterling silver chain, made by a Native American was likely to have started life as a US coin. Other items used included melted candlesticks and teapots that were traded with rangers and other settlers. Mexican coins were also used and could be fashioned easily into small detailed pieces because they were very thin to begin with. Sterling silver would then go on to replace German silver, which was actually a nickel alloy.

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