Sterling Silver Chain Bracelets – Ever Wondered About The History Of Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Sterling Silver Jewellery

The sterling silver chain bracelets that you adore have a unique history. In fact, it's Native American jewellery that has played an important part in the sterling silver accessories that you wear now, despite silver having had many uses before, from medicine bases to protective charms.

The silversmith craft was initially taught by Spanish settlers to Native Americans in the early 1800's and shortly became part of their custom. In fact, some the recognisable pieces of sterling silver jewellery made, even now, by Native Americans comprise of lapis, turquoise, opal, mother-of-pearl, and coral. Jewellery design would differ between tribes. The Navajo tribe were known as the very best silversmiths, and the Xuni were praised for their inlay and station work. The jewellery created by the tribes was likely to have started as something different, and the finished piece would have been influenced by the grade and type of silver that were used. For example, an early sterling silver chain made by a Native American was likely to have started life as a US coin. Other things that were used include the likes of melted candlesticks and teapots, which were traded with rangers and other settlers. Mexican coins were additionally used, and they were a popular choice because it was easy for them to be fashioned into pieces that were small and intricate since the pieces were quite thin to start with.

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