Sterling Silver Chain For Men - How Can You Tell If Jewellery Is Real Silver?

Sterling Silver Jewellery

If you are trying to find a stunning sterling silver chain for men, you need confirmation that what you're purchasing is the real thing. You're not alone; the firms themselves need to ensure that what they have on display is genuine, and there are lots of methods that you and they can use to find out.

While a sterling silver necklace is less expensive when compared with a gold one, its price will fluctuate more. This makes pricing the likes of rings and bracelets challenging and leads to forgeries flooding the marketplace. A reputable seller of sterling silver jewellery will make sure their stock is real, and they will have no objections to you examining the authenticity of their jewellery. If the sterling silver chain you are thinking about purchasing is real, then none of the evaluations mentioned in this post will do any damage to the piece of jewellery. The initial thing you need to do is search for the Hallmark. You will often need a magnifying glass for this, as they are generally quite little. On sterling silver, the mark should read 'Ster' or '925', and if it is not there then neither should you be. If the mark is there, the following action to take is to give the piece a smell; sterling silver does not have any discernible odour. All you should smell is any other materials that are present, such as leather. Also, if you rub your item of silver jewellery using a white fabric and notice that black marks have appeared, this suggests that it’s genuine. It is also possible to engage in magnet evaluation, as sterling silver isn't magnetic, and so if your ring sticks to the magnet, it is not bona fide.

The best method to make sure that the sterling silver chain for men you purchase is genuine is to look for a reputable seller. At Think Positive Antonio Marsocci Ltd, we only sell quality handmade jewellery and gifts, so you can be sure of genuine metals and exceptional quality. Head over to our website today -