Sterling Silver Jewellery : Why Should You Buy It?

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery is exceptionally popular. Sterling silver is a shiny, highly reflective metal that’s often creatively described as a ‘white metal’, which is highly sought after by people of every gender especially in regards to jewellery. Sterling silver is something that any person can appreciate and is up there with other metals, such as gold, as a must-have in any fashion connoisseur’s collection. There is no one reason for why sterling silver is as highly prized as it is, but we’re going to walk you through why you should consider purchasing jewellery made from sterling silver.

How We Make Sterling Silver Jewellery UK Wide

We really do love sterling silver jewellery UK wide. However, there’s often a perception that all silver is the same. Sterling silver jewellery differs from ‘pure’ or ‘fine’ silver. This type of silver is not very tough and too soft to be worn as an accessory; so sterling silver is made to compensate for this. Sterling silver is made from an alloy of silver (92.5%) and copper (7.5%). To be crafted into jewellery, silversmiths will craft and manipulate the sterling silver. However, while it’s easy to make parallels with blacksmiths, silversmiths don’t work with red-hot instruments. Instead, they work at room temperature and very carefully use hammers and other instruments to shape a flat piece of metal into something rather beautiful. Jewellery made from sterling silver can be very intricate since silver is such a malleable metal. This is why it is often combined with copper to create sterling silver – to give it a toughness that will allow the jewellery to keep its shape. However, other alloys can be used too, such as germanium, zinc and platinum.

Why You Should Buy Mens Sterling Silver Bracelets

Men can often feel like jewellery is not for them. They can either see jewellery as too flashy or not masculine enough. However, the reality is that there is most definitely the right type of jewellery to suit every man’s style. Mens sterling silver bracelets are types of jewellery that can suit all sorts of styles. Sterling silver bracelets are often worn to give an appearance of prosperity and wealthy. This is particularly popular amongst those who consider themselves professionals and who move in such circles. However, sterling silver bracelets can also be worn in a more subtle way, perhaps combined with leather. Those who move in more non-professional circles, or those who want to create a more casual aura about their appearance, often wear this. They can also be bolstered with plates that can be personalised to signify a special person, a special date, or even a positive message. The main thing to remember is that men can wear bracelets and they are not just for those with feminine tastes.

Also Consider Buying A Sterling Silver Chain

Men who are considering buying sterling silver bracelets should also consider buying a sterling silver chain. Along with bracelets, chains are one of the few sterling silver jewellery options that look both good on men and women. Chains come in all different sizes – from very light chains usually more associated with femininity, to larger chains often associated with the ‘bad boy’ image. The main difference is that men’s chains tend to have larger links, they are usually longer in their length and they are often made in a variety of different styles. Women’s chains tend to be less bulky and lighter looking. With this in mind, it’s very common to see men wearing sterling silver chains. This can create a really good impression as it demonstrates that you are comfortable with your masculinity. It’s often forgotten that men in the army wear metal chains with dog tags. Given this, there are clearly a number of good reasons why you should consider buying, either for yourself or a male friend or partner, a chain or a bracelet for men. But where do you go to buy them?

Where To Buy A Sterling Silver Bracelet

Many jewellery stores – both offline and online – are increasingly stocking men’s jewellery. However, many of these stores have been specifically set up with women in mind. But when you go online, you’ll find that there are numerous jewellery websites that are equally focused on men as they are on women. So if you’re looking for a sterling silver bracelet for men, this is probably the type of store you should go to. One such online store is ‘Think Positive’ from Antonio Marsocci. Think Positive Antonio Marsocci Ltd’s silver jewellery is designed to keep its wearers in a positive frame of mind. It’s a declaration of your intent. You’re sending a message to the world: I think positive, therefore, I am positive. In this world, we all appreciate positivity and we all want to be positive. So why shouldn’t your dress sense reflect your personality? From simple black leather bracelets featuring a hint of sterling silver to the bulkier industrial-style gunmetal grey sterling silver necklaces, our Italian-made jewellery caters for every man’s style. We also have a selection of fantastic cufflinks, featuring both sterling silver and black onyx.

Find Your Perfect Sterling Silver Jewellery For Men At Think Positive Antonio Marsocci Ltd

At Think Positive Antonio Marsocci Ltd, we’re all about creating bold and original looks that retain that subtle touch of elegance. Our sterling silver jewellery blends both the masculine and the contemporary to create a fusion of the old and the new. Our eye-catching range of leather and sterling silver bracelets start at £49 and it goes all the way up to our stunning sterling silver and diamonds bracelet. To see our full range, visit us at Need more information? Then email us at or call us at our London office on 0845 055 8185. Think like Antonio Marsocci; think positive.