Sterling Silver Mens Chain – Create Your Own Look

Creating your own look with jewellery is much simpler than you may think and it gives you the chance to be completely unique. Whether you wear a single sterling silver mens chain or prefer a range of jewellery items, the key is to remember that your jewellery should reflect who you are.

Did you know that men married within the Ukrainian Orthodox tradition wear their wedding ring on their right hand? Something so small can make all the difference to the way you are perceived, and be a great talking point when getting to know new people. Rings are not the only types of sterling silver jewellery that can tell you a lot about an individual and you should be aware of this when choosing the pieces you wear. If you are uncomfortable wearing jewellery it will show, so start with something simple, such as a watch or single sterling silver chain, and only add to it if you are confident you can pull off the look. One mistake that many men, and women, make is to wear too many types of jewellery at once. Stick to one type of metal, or at least one tone of metal within a single outfit. Sterling silver can, therefore, be worn with white gold or platinum, but yellow gold should be avoided. In terms of clothing, with sterling silver the world is your oyster, it goes with everything because of its neutral colour. However, blacks and dark greys often show it at its best.

Making your own style is easy with a sterling silver mens chain from Think Positive Antonio Marsocci Ltd. It can be matched with a wide range of other accessories that can be found at, or you can call us on 0845 055 8185 for further advice on jewellery that suits your lifestyle.